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Джон Вильямс

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John Williams Discography by Richard Sliwa (1958-2000)
and SonyClassical.com (1983-2002)


The Baroque Album
(SK 44518)

Released Spring 1988
Recorded April/May 1987

Transcripted by John Williams

Telemann: Bourree alla Polacca
D. Scarlatti: Sonatas (E major, D minor, A major)
Bach: Chaconne
Couperin: Les baricades misterieuses
Couperin: Les moissoneurs
Roncalli: Passacaglia
Weiss: Fantaisie
Weiss: Tombeau de M.Cajetan
Weiss: Passacaglia

Concerto for Guitar and Jazz Orchestra
(SK 42332)

Released Spring 1987
Recorded June/September 1986

National Youth Jazz Orchestra, Paul Hart

Hart: Concerto for Guitar and Jazz Orchestra 
With Paul Hart, Violin
Hart: Three Pieces:
   Rondo La Ronde
   Song Without Words
   Duet For Two

A Fish Called Wanda
Milan 887878

Original Film Soundtrack by John du Prez

Released Autumn 1988
Recorded March 1988

 John Williams plays on most tracks.

Fragments of a Dream
(SK 44574)
with Inti Illimani, Paco Pena

Released Spring 1988
Recorded March/July 1987

01. Danza di cala luna 
02. El corazon a contraluz, 
03. Cristalino 
04. La preguntona 
05. El carnaval 
06. Fragmentos de un sueno 
07. La ciudad 
08. El mercado testaccio 
09. La calahorra 
10. En libertad 
11. Danza

Emma's War
(Filmtrax Moment 106)

Original Film Soundtrack by John Williams

Released 1987
Recorded 1986

Featuring seven tracks written by John Williams himself.

Echoes of London
(SK 42119)

Released 1986
Recorded November 1985

For Guitar (solo or duet,  John Williams playing second part on Martin Fleeson guitar):

McTell: Streets of London,
Byrd: La Volta
Purcell: Air on a Ground Bass
Clare: Holland Park
Handel: Courante
Handel: Harmonious Blacksmith
Elgar: Salut d'Amour

For Guitar and Orchestra, conducted by William Goodchild (arr. Gray):

Maschwitz: A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square,
Wilson: A Room in Bloomsbury
Coward: London Pride
Gershwin: A Foggy Day
Cotes: London by Night
Gregg: Maybe It's Because I'm a Londoner

Bach, Handel, Marcello: Concertos
(SK 39560)

Academy of St. Martin in the Fields, Kenneth Sillito

Released Spring 1985
Recorded April/July 1984

Bach: Violin Concerto No.2 in E (Arr. J.W.)
Bach: Aria (Andante from Violin Sonata in A major) (Arr. J.W.)
Handel: Organ Conerto in F (Arr. J.W.)
Marcello: Oboe Conerto in C Minor (Arr. J.W.)

(SK 37848)

Philharmonia Orchestra, Louis Fremaux

Released 1984
Recorded March 1983

01. Concierto de Aranjuez 
02. Fantasia para un gentilhombre

Sky: Cadmium
(Epic 1984)

01. Troika (Prokofieff, Arr. Fry)
02. Fayre (Peek)
03. A Girl in Winter (Tarney)
04. Mother Russia (Gray)
05. Telex from Peru (Flowers)
06. The Boy from Dundee (Flowers)
07. Night (Peek)
08. Then and Now (Fry)
09. Return to Me (Tarney)
10. Son of Hotta (Gray)
11. For details, see the Sky site 

The Guitar is the Song: A Folksong Collection
(SK 37825)

Various Guests, Arr. Gascoigne

Released Spring 1983
Recorded July 1981, May 1982

Trad: Wraggle-Taggle Gypsies 2.05
Dyer-Bennet/Byron: So we'll go no more a-roving 2.39
Trad. Hajra Kati 3.48
Trad. Queen of Hearts 3.52
Cardillo: Catari, catari 4.43 
Trad. Petronella/St. Patrick's Day/Buacallan buidhe 3.18
Trad. Scarborough Fair 3.36
Trad. Carnaval 2.13
Lauro: Seis por derecho 2.16
Trad. Over the Sea to Skye 2.50
Trad. Mashilae 2.18
Gascoigne: Music Box Tune 1.34
Bovio: Tu ca'nun chiagne 2.55
Trad. Waly Waly/Shenandoah 6.30

Sky Five Live
(Ariola ARL 1983)

01. The Animals (Flowers/Gray)
02. The Swan (Saint-Saens, Arr. Fry)
03. KP1 (Peek)
04. Dance of the Little Fairies (Flowers)
05. Love Duet (Peek)
06. The Bathroom Song (Flowers)
07. KP2 (Peek)
08. Antigua (Williams/Trowbridge)
09. Sahara (Peek)
10. Sakura Variations
      (Yokoh, Arr. Peek/Williams)
11. Meheeco (Peek/Flowers)
12. Hotta (Peek/Flowers)

Let The Music Take You

With Cleo Laine and guest musicians

Released 1983

Argent: Baby Don't You Cry No More
Lennon: Imagine
Gregory/Rudge: (The World Is) One
Stewart/Coleman: The Colours of My Life
Bennett: I Never Wet Away
Dunlap: Let The Music Take You
MacColl: The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face
Clare/Laine: Dreams of Castilla
Myers/Laine: Without Words (Portrait)
Laine/Dankworth: It's Not Easy (To Say I Love You)
Dunlap: So Quiet The Night
Mendes/Berman: So Many Stars

Portrait of John Williams
(SK 37791)

* English Chamber Orchestra, Leslie Pearson

Released Winter 1982
Recorded June 1982

Lauro: Seis por derecho
Clare: Castilla
Tarrega: Recuerdos de la Alhambra
Bach: Prelude (from Cello Suite No. 1)
* Vivaldi: Concerto in D major
Lennon/McCartney: Fool on the Hill (Arr. Brouwer)
Barrios: Vals No. 4
* Myers: Cavatina 
Lauro: El Negrito
Yocoh: Sakura

Sky Forthcoming
(Ariola ARL 1982)

01. Masquerade (Khatchaturian, Arr. Gray)
02. Ride of the Valkyries (Wagner, Arr. Gray)
03. March to the Scaffold (Berlioz, Arr. Fry)
04. To Yelasto Pedi (Z) (Theodorakis,
       Arr. Williams)
05. Waltz No. 2 (Ravel, Arr. Gray)
06. Fantasy (Fantasia in C Minor) (Bach,
       Arr. Williams)
07. My Giselle (Peek, from de la Halle)
08. Xango (Villa Lobos, Arr. Sky)
09. Fantasia (Mudarra, Arr. Peek/Flowers)
10. Skylark (Carmicheal/Mercer 
       Arr. Gray/Williams)

John Williams and Peter Hurford Play Bach

Some tracks available on CD SBK 62973

with Peter Hurford, Organ

Released 1982
Recorded February 1981

01. Wachet auf! (Arr. Hurford)
02. The Gigue Fugue (Arr. J.W.)
03. Sonata IV for violin & Basso continuo
       (Adagio) (Arr. Hurford)
04. Trio Sonata No. 6 in G (Arr. J.W.)
05. Italian Concerto (first movement)
       (Arr. Hurford)
06. Pastorale in F for Organ (Adagio)
       (Arr. Hurford)
07. Trio in G (Arr. J.W.)
08. French Suite No. 6 (Allemande)
       (Arr. Hurford)
09. English Suite No. 2 (Bourree) (Arr. Hurford)
10. English Suite No. 3 (Gavotte & Musette)
       (Arr. Hurford)
11. French Suite No. 5 (Gigue) (Arr. Hurford)

Sky 3
(Ariola ARL 1981)

01. The Grace (Flowers)
02. Chiropodie No. 1 (Peek/Flowers)
03. Westwind (Peek)
04. Sarabande (Handel, Arr. Williams)
05. Connecting Rooms (Fry)
06. Moonroof (Peek)
07. Sister Rose (Gray)
08. Hello (Gray)
09. Dance of the Big Fairies (Flowers/Peek)
10. Meheeco (Flowers/Gray)
11. Keep Me Safe And Keep Me Warm, Shelter
       Me From Darkness (Flowers)

Echoes of Spain - Albeniz
(SK 36679)

Released 1981
Recorded October/November 1980

01. Stavrou
02. Guitar by Fleta
03. Granada
04. Asturias 
05. Sevilla
06. Majorca
07. Cordoba
08. Torre Bermeja
09. Cadiz
10. Zambra Granadina
11. Tango

Sky 2
(Ariola ARL 1980)

01. Hotta (Peek/Flowers)
02. Dance of the Little Fairies (Flowers)
03. Sahara (Peek)
04. FIFO (Monkman)
05. Tuba Smarties (recorded live) (Flowers)
06. Ballet-Volta (Praetorius, Arr. Williams)
07. Gavotte & Variations (Rameau)
08. Andante (Vivaldi, Arr. Williams)
09. Tristan's Magic Garden (Fry)
10. El Cielo (Williams)
11. Vivaldi (Way, Gomm)
12. Scipio (Flowers)
13. Toccata (Bach, Arr. Peek, Holmes)
14. For details, see the Sky site

Guitar Quintets

London String Quartet

Released 1980
Recorded November 1979

Boccherini: Quintet for Guitar and Strings in D
Guastavino: Jeromita Linares for String Quartet and Guitar 
Boccherini: Quintet for Guitar and Strings in C major

The Deer Hunter
(Capitol CDP 7 920582)

Original Film Soundtrack by/arranged by Stanley Myers

Released 1979

John Williams featured on three tracks: 
01. Cavatina
02. Sarabande
03. Cavatina (Reprise)

The Secret Policeman's Ball
Island IL 9860

Released Autumn 1979
Recorded Live June 1979

John Williams featured on three tracks:
Myers: Cavatina
Bach: Bourree
Townsend: Won't Get Fooled Again (Duet with Pete Townsend)

(Ariola ARL 1979)

01. Westway (Flowers)
02. Carillon (Flowers)
03. Danza (Pipo, Arr. Peek)
04. Gymnopedie No. 1 (Satie, Arr. Williams)
05. Cannonball (Monkman)
06. Where Opposites Meet (Monkman)
07. For details, see the Sky site